iFilm is a Bulgarian film production company, focused on shorts, features and documentaries both in-house produced or in co-production with other European countries. We also service any kind of audiovisual project to be shot in Bulgaria – from films to video clips and commercials. Our team is dedicated, hardworking and creative and has long years of experience in filmmaking. We are eager to show potential and contribute to arthouse films and quality projects.


We can proudly say that filmmaking in Bulgaria became popular and trendy in the recent decades so the country offers professionals of any kind, to serve a vast variety of projects. It’s definitely the most cost-efficient and vibrant destination in Europe, but we can offer you much more than that! Incredible variety of location types, foreign-language-speaking crews, the latest equipment in the industry and the famous Bulgarian hospitality that will make you feel at home from day one are just a few on the list. Bulgarian crews have developed a top reputation internationally and all technical fields are of a very high standard and broadly represented. For us comprehension, flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness and versatility are a must since we very well know what filmmaking means and how crucial are those points for our clients. Bulgaria can offer you a versatile shooting environment with any kind of location, backlot or set – metropolitan, modern urban, rustic countryside, beach, mountain, snow, sand, London streets, NYC streets, Ancient Rome, Colosseum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Western street, Middle Eastern town – you name it, we offer it! And we will take care of making you want to come again and work with us! Just let us do what we live for!


7th – 13th FEB 2019 We will attend the European Film Market and Berlinale and present our newest projects “Arthur’s choice” and “The Architect” to potential co-producers. For more information about the projects, please visit the PROJECTS section. To book a meeting with us, please click here.

10 NOV 2018 We will attend the Torino Short Film Market and present our short film project “The Architect” to potential co-producers. To book a meeting with us, please click here.

05 OCT 2018 The Italian documentary “Baikonur, Earth” had its world premiere on the 4th of Oct. as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival. You can watch the trailer here read some first impressions here.

30 SEPT 2018 Our short “TIMMY” had its international premiere in Drama International Film Festival and so far has more than a dozen selections worldwide in less than 5 months. You can read more here.

15 SEPT 2018 iFilm will be present at Focus – The Location Guide event in London on the 4th and 5th of Dec. Let’s meet there!

20 APR 2018 We are happy to announce that we will be present at Cannes Film Festival 2018 from 8th till 14th of May. If interested, please click on the button below to arrange a meeting with Irina Gurova! See you in Cannes!

We are happy to announce that iFilm will be at the 14th edition of IN THE PALACE International Film Festival in Balchik, Bulgaria this summer. See you there!

 We will be present at Cannes Film Festival 2017 from 17th till 27th of May. If interested, please send us an email and it will be a pleasure for us to arrange a meeting! See you in Cannes!


Irina Gurova


iFilm Ltd.

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