Title: The architect
Genre: Surrealism, drama, experimental
Duration: 15 min.
Director: Kiril Todorov
Scriptwriter: Kiril Todorov
DOP: Krum Rodriguez
Cast: Velislav Pavlov, Yoan Pavlov
Origin country: Bulgaria / Italy / USA
Languages: no dialogue, English
Color: black & white
Shooting locations: Sofia, Bulgaria / Milan, Italy
Production companies: iFilm
Project status: Fundraising, 50% secured financing


What does it take to rebuild a broken life?


Ridden with guilt, Victor dedicates his life to medicine and years later a dream is about to come true – he will try to cure his brother who has been handicapped since childhood. But before picking up the lancets, he will have to live through a surreal dream and first cure himself from his obsessions and fears.